Monthly Archives: June 2015

Acoustic or MIDI?

A new device which presentation video has become viral. This is a simply pad set-up in the body of a acoustic guitar to generate  sound plugged to any MIDI device control. Listening to a concert with the same unnatural MIDI library sounds can get into the nerves of a professional audience That makes me wonder… Read more »

Zimmer revealed

The last fall, a few fortunates could attend to the two concerts that Hans Zimmer played in Apollo Theater in London. In this documentary you can watch the process of preparation of these great gigs. Zimmer is not only using modern devices but old school instruments played by talented musician. Seeing the rehersal stage, it… Read more »

Are they selling sand castles in the sky?

The world of mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, etc … has advanced a lot. There are huge number of models, capabilities, screen sizes, but only two operating systems for these devices in many applications and capabilities (IOS and Android), not to mention Windows Mobile, though this limited to phones and tablets Microsoft. The music, as we… Read more »