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Siempre que estás a punto de culminar un trabajo creativo para el que has invertido meses de tu vida, un hormigueo recorre tu alma. Ya sea un cuadro, una mesa, la silla de la cocina o un pieza musical, te asalta la eterna duda de si estará realmente terminado. Cómo perfilar las aristas que separan… Read more »

More analogic, please

As any Zimmer´s fan must know, Hans made one of his best work working with Zack Snyder´s Man of Steel. Zimmer is well known for introducing digital instruments and synthetizers in almost all his scores. Also, he has been one of the latest composer who has introduced digital gears in his editing tools library (as… Read more »

The times they are a-changin?

I´ve seen this post on the web and I couldn´t resist to post in our blog. Take a look to both trailer videos of one of the masterpiece of scifi of all times, maybe the first one of a popular genre: 2001, A Space Odyssey. This film helped to make the scifi a serious genre… Read more »

The best soundtrack is the one that sounds

Have you ever heard the nonsense that is the best soundtrack that can be heard? This claim has been maintained through the years by high-brow critics who have concrete blocks instead of ears. As a composer of soundtracks, I can only say that music is everything in an audiovisual work. Only then the flow of… Read more »

Soundtrack for “Gente Maja” gala

For the First Majos Awards Gala (Segovia, Spain) organized by Hystericas Recordings and the newspaper El Adelantado de Segovia, Four Hands Project composed and performed the soundtrack for the event. Our theme composed for the occasion, “Gente Maja” sounded like tuning background for an interesting gala where the winners of the “Hystericas Recordings Volume Two”… Read more »