Monthly Archives: May 2015

Our bet for HG Volume III

One more year, we are excited to present a new tittle for Histericas Grabaciones Volume III. This contest is  organized once again by Histéricas Grabaciones and El Adelantado. Take a look to the link to check our new theme and give us your feedback. “Fresh Cactus“, an instrumetal song that tries to give a fresh… Read more »

Jordan Rudess, the wizard of the convergence

Jordan Rudess is not only a virtuoso musician known for his role of keyboard wizard in prog rock band Dream Theater but a visionary man who is always looking for the last toy into his rig. Rudess is well know for introducing new and innovative tools into his equipment. He uses a lot of devices… Read more »

Old school sound: Daniel Lanois

I can´t hide my fascination for this visionary and master musician for years. Daniel Lanois is not only a great producer of respected artists (such as Peter Gabriel, Neil Young or Willie Nelson) but one of the living musician who has been able to create a personal sound. It´s nice to see how people are… Read more »

More analogic, please

As any Zimmer´s fan must know, Hans made one of his best work working with Zack Snyder´s Man of Steel. Zimmer is well known for introducing digital instruments and synthetizers in almost all his scores. Also, he has been one of the latest composer who has introduced digital gears in his editing tools library (as… Read more »

The times they are a-changin?

I´ve seen this post on the web and I couldn´t resist to post in our blog. Take a look to both trailer videos of one of the masterpiece of scifi of all times, maybe the first one of a popular genre: 2001, A Space Odyssey. This film helped to make the scifi a serious genre… Read more »