More analogic, please

As any Zimmer´s fan must know, Hans made one of his best work working with Zack Snyder´s Man of Steel. Zimmer is well known for introducing digital instruments and synthetizers in almost all his scores. Also, he has been one of the latest composer who has introduced digital gears in his editing tools library (as Lemur, simple iPads or touchscreens) in order to simplify the editing process of writing music.


In sumary, a renaissance man of XXI Century who takes advantage of all media and tools which offers our convergence era. In addition to this, he is one of the most influential composer nowadays what makes that every  new toy he introduces in his studio becomes a object of desire for any freak composer.

There should be space for the analog playing of the player who has created a career as musician


However, there is still space for the human touch and the quality of a real and talented player. As I said before, “Man of Steel” is a epic movie with a epic soundtrasck. Zimmer deciced that for this film he needed a strong percussion section. So he joined 13 of the most talented drummers to give a hard impact in the visionary point of view of Snyder´s style. Under the the conduction of his friend and civilian Junkie XL, they made a great recording session which have been very useful for the production of this remarkable OST.

That made me think about the future of the writing process in a world where everything seems possible… virtually speaking. here is nothing more satisfying than count with a real drummer. Even when all our gears and tools may be inside our computer, there must be still space in our studio for recording a good player who can give us an incredible result far from all the drums libraries and VST. There should be space for the analog playing of the player who has created a career as musician, not as a computer designer… instead of the cold and inhuman 1 and 0 code.